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Focus Brings Clarity

Don't be a leadership chameleon

Don't be a leadership chameleon

In my interactions with Churches, Ministries and business leaders I have the opportunity to see a wide range leadership styles, goals, team dynamics and vision.

I have noticed a few trends between the organizations who are actually making incremental forward movement and those that are stagnate or worse yet, declining. One of those common threads is simple focus. As much as the “chameleon” model has proven ineffective, it is still employed by many. The chameleon organization is constantly shifting, always changing, driven by the next big idea and very unpredictable. Here is how you recognize the chameleon. Continue Reading…

What is your motivator?

In his new book entitled “Drive” , Daniel Pink explores the subject of motivation and questions many of the ways in which we use it to drive performance in our companies and organizations. He believes that the current way in which we motivate (external rewards & carrot and stick motivators) are not effective and actually do more harm than good. He proposes a new approach to motivation build around three key concepts: autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Continue Reading…

Why Leadership Development is Easier Than You Think.

Healthy Church Leadership DevelopmentWithin many Churches today there is a leadership deficit. The need for quality leaders greatly out-ways the current amount of fish in the leadership tank. Often times this can be a reason for frustration and discouragement to the staff and Pastor as they become disillusioned with their congregation and begin to feel as if “no one is getting it”. Continue Reading…

Who are the Healthy?

In the Gospels both Matthew {Matt 9:1-13} and Mark {Mark 2:16-18} record an occasion when Jesus is challenged by the religious leaders as to who he was spending his time with. His response was that he had come to bring health and healing to those who were not receiving it.

It is easy for us to look at this incident and cast our agreement with Jesus for calling out the religious leaders while not taking the time to examine our own lives. Continue Reading…

Healthy Church Growth – From the Inside Out

Helping Leaders and Churches on a journey towards increased health

One of the core Values of the Church Health Partnership is to focus on the internal issue of Church health and not the external measurements of perceived growth.

As easy as it is to be tempted to gauge growth by the “numbers”, the reality is that a large church is in no way also inherently a healthy Church. Neither is a growing Church automatically an inherently healthy Church. Churches can be large and even be expanding in size and still be infected with a undiagnosed problem that will ultimately lead to decay. Continue Reading…

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