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Church Growth and Church Health can be a result of Healthy Leadership | Church Health Partnership™

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Leadership Coaching and the idea of focusing on the health of the leader and therefore the health of the Church as whole is not a new idea. We only need to look as far as Scripture to see it modeled by the prophets of old and by Jesus Himself. As a ministry leader you not only owe it to yourself but you owe it to the congregation you serve to do all that you can to focus on what is most important for the Kingdom.  Becoming a vessel fit for service to the cause of Christ.

Today so many leaders focus on the “numbers” and assume if the numbers are heading in the right direction then the Church or ministry must be healthy. How wrong that assumption has turned out to be for so many of today’s Churches and leaders. The truth is that only true health is what causes a church to grow in a healthy way. If you enough resources and creativity you can get people to come to your church. It is simple marketing. However, if what you serve up when they get there is unhealthy and disingenuous and leaves a stale and unclean taste in their mouth, you might not just turn them off from your Church, you might turn them off from Church period. However if what they find is a health leadership team leading a healthy ministry then attraction happens on its own and real growth can follow. Real sustained growth with purpose and intention.

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