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Healthy Church Growth – From the Inside Out | Church Health Partnership™

Healthy Church Growth – From the Inside Out

Helping Leaders and Churches on a journey towards increased health

One of the core Values of the Church Health Partnership is to focus on the internal issue of Church health and not the external measurements of perceived growth.

As easy as it is to be tempted to gauge growth by the “numbers”, the reality is that a large church is in no way also inherently a healthy Church. Neither is a growing Church automatically an inherently healthy Church. Churches can be large and even be expanding in size and still be infected with a undiagnosed problem that will ultimately lead to decay.

Our goal is to help Leaders and Churches focus on the primary goal of healthiness first and then be prepared for the natural outcome of health, organic and consistent growth. Healthiness in and of itself is a value to be recognized and embraced above and beyongd numerical growth if only because of the undesired result of negative effects that an unhealthy leadership team can impose on a hungry and eager congregation.

It is our prayer that we can encourage and equip ministry leaders on a life long journey towards increased health and therefore by consequence increase the overall healthiness of today’s Churches and the individuals who attend those Churches.

I hope that you will join us in this endeavor as we seek to bring true health to our Churches today.

Have you ever fallen victim to the “numbers” addiction when trying to measure the growth of your Church or the impact it is having?

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