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Invest in Churches - Church Planters - Ministry - and Missions | Church Health Partnership™

Invest to Help a Leadership Team and Church Get Healthy


The Church Health Partnership is passionate about being Kingdom minded for the advancement of the Gospel.

The unfortunate reality is that there are may great Church and Ministry leaders out there who are full of potential and passion for the advancement of the Gospel, however they find themselves standing alone. There is no one there to specifically support them, encourage them, come along side of them and partner with them to lock shields and move their ministry efforts forward.

Many of our best leaders are filled with unique vision, fiery passion and intentional mission for Christ. But unfortunately what they lack is resources to move their ministry forward and a strategical alliance of supportive partners to see their vision come to life.

Church Health Partnership will come along side of leaders who need a season of Ministry momentum infusion to provide a catalyst for growth, health and transformation for the Kingdom.

By becoming a Supporting Partner you will be investing in the health and life of church who may be struggling to find their way and move forward for the Kingdom. The Coaching – Analysis – Resources and Education that your sponsoring support will provide will be an investment in the life of a Church that will equip them to lead and grow at a higher level than before and will provide them with the tools in their ministry toolbox that they will use for years to come.

By becoming a Supporting Partner you will be providing:

  • Strategic Church Health specific  Coaching sessions for a Leadership Team in need, to include:
    • Church health and ministry best practices specific training.
    • Ministry area specific check ups.
    • Personal encouragement, directives and soul care.
    • Self leadership and self discovery based mentoring.
    • Completion of the Church Health Partnership strategic Growth Track™ curriculum.
    • Intentional and strategic action steps based progression towards health and growth.
  • Phone and email access with their coach outside of the Coaching Sessions
  • Assessments, surveys and worksheets battery.
  • Discounts on a wide variety of resources to help their church be healthier and perform with a higher level of excellence.
  • Ongoing educational resources in print, media, podcasts etc.
Additionally as a Supporting Partner you will have access to all of the educational and resource benefits of the Church Health Partnership network and an opportunity to shape and mold the future of the Church Health Partnership model by participating in one of our Church Health Summits™ as an advisory panel member.


The Supporting Partner opportunity model is simple:

 Become a Supporting Partner for as little as $1000 per year


$1000 per year includes all of your member benefits and supports Churches through the C.A.R.E. process towards increased Health and Growth for their initial 6 months of intensive care by providing unique and individualized Coaching – Analysis – Resources – and Education.


Want to invest more.  There is no limit to the amount of Kingdom investment you can make.

By providing your Support you subsidize all of the benefits to a Church level Partner and reduce their Partnership cost greatly . By doing so you help us to achieve our goal of making high quality and high impact Coaching – Analysis – Resources – and Education available to Leadership teams and Churches at a cost that is absolutely unheard of today.


Sign up below to begin your Supporting Partner Membership today and help a Church begin a journey towards increased health and growth for the Kingdom.

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There is no financial obligation for providing your contact information here.

After we recive your contact information you will receive a call from a Church Health Partnership representative to go over any questions you may have.  We want to make sure that you have complete confidence that the investment that you are making will be impacting a leadership team and Church in an incredible way for Christ.

Our representative will walk with you and guide you through the membership process as you engage in this journey to become a Church Health Partnership supporting member.



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