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What is your motivator?

In his new book entitled “Drive” , Daniel Pink explores the subject of motivation and questions many of the ways in which we use it to drive performance in our companies and organizations. He believes that the current way in which we motivate (external rewards & carrot and stick motivators) are not effective and actually do more harm than good. He proposes a new approach to motivation build around three key concepts: autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

Autonomy is the desire to direct our own lives and Pink believes that “the system” has largely taken this away from the average worker and that “organizations that have found inventive, sometimes radical, ways to boost autonomy are outperforming their competitors.” By giving people autonomy over task (what they do), time (when they do it), team (who they do it with), and technique (how they do it) we empower our workforce in a new way.

Mastery is the desire to make progress and get better at something and for the workforce to be engaged in such a way as to “want to do better” or “create more” we must optimize the environment of the worker so as to encourage them to see themselves as not having fully arrived and be therefore interested in becoming better; a discipline which requires effort and practice, and a goal which may never fully be realized and it to frustrating and yet alluring at the same time to simply abandon.

Purpose is the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves. Some would call this “the desire to make a difference” factor of work which can be a powerful force of motivation. In the past it was viewed by many as a luxury but not essential to business as the drive to maximise profit was seen as the first motivator. Pink advocates that in order for a business to be successful purpose motivation must take its place along side profit motivation or in the end all you will end up working for is profit and when that is gone you will have worked for nothing of lasting value.

So we are left to ask the question, “what motivates you?” Are you prepared to challenge the way that you motivate those who you lead or manage? Is Pink correct that this book can change the way that you think and transform your life? The book might just surprise you when you read it.

How can you apply these principles to your ministry context?

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